Playroom in Progress

I’m starting to see it.  It has developed slowly, but it seems like I just can’t stop it.

My former “teacher life” is slowly but surely creeping into my present “stay at home mom life”. 

Now that baby boy (I think I should find a new name for him!) is almost 1.5 years old, I’m itching to break out the dry erase markers, magnetic letters, and felt board stories.  They are beckoning me from inside their boxes in our storage room.  I did get out my caboodle (remember those from the 80’s??) full of stickers and baby boy loved sticking one sticker on some paper at a time.

In all honesty it is such a good feeling to see MY child using some of my Kindergarten classroom materials.  I knew I saved it for some reason (well and the fact that I will probably go back at some point in my life).

Because one of my favorite parts of teaching was having an organized, purposeful space for my students to work in, I decided to try my hand at creating a play area for baby boy that we can go to each day and, well, PLAY!  We designated an area of our basement that could be all his.  I have been following the blog Play at Home Mom.  They have all kinds of creative ways to teach your children through play, and the most AMAZING play room ever!  It has inspired me in small ways while setting up baby boy’s play area.

I know that a play room develops over time, and I have just begun, so I am enjoying finding things (cheaply!) and creating a fun place for the two of us to explore.  I will post updates here and there to our play room, because it is only in the beginning stages!

You will notice though that I incorporated my DIY light table!  We are loving that part!  I’m only posting a few pictures because once certain areas become more developed I will take closer pictures.  Enjoy!

Oh, and P.S. The flooring is interlocking foam mats, which are awesome! <—- Click the link to check them out!  And the shelving is the Besta line from IKEA.

toddler playroom

toddler playroom

toddler playroom

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