Reasons To Join a Playgroup!

Right around January of 2012, when baby boy was 5.5 months, it hit me.  I was a stay at home mom.  It was winter up here in MI, and we all know what happens when the weather dips below 32 degrees: everyone stays inside!  Except of course the young, daring, snow bunnies who venture out and have fun in the white fluffy stuff.  But us parents, yep we mostly stay inside, especially when our little ones are still little ones.  Makes you lose your sanity just a bit huh?

finding a playgroup

So I started looking around for things to do that would get me and baby boy out of the house that extended further than the trip to Meijer or the drive to the bank.

And lo and behold, I came across a playgroup!  I tried a few different ones and finally found my match!  YAY!  Granted most of the activities are in the town just North of us, but hey what is a 15 minute drive when it means that you get adult interaction!!!

10 Reasons Why You Should Join a Playgroup

  1. It gets you out of the house.  Plain and simple…getting out of the house breaks up a long day for Mommy and baby (check out my day in pictures).
  2. You make new friends.  There are a whole tons of women out there just like you!  Being in college and having kids are two of the best ways to get to know other people.
  3. You find things you didn’t know existed.  Mom’s know LOTS of stuff, especially the moms that have been around for a bit.  You learn where all the cool hang outs are.  And by cool hang outs I mean the best places to take kids!
  4. Field trips happen.  My play group has a planned field trip every month.  I love it because baby boy sees something new and I, again, get out of the house!
  5. There is an encyclopedia of kiddo knowledge laid out before you.  You automatically have someone to help you solve the leaky diaper problem, the napping issue, and any other kid dilemma you can think of!
  6. Your child becomes socialized.  Being an only child with a stay at home mom left baby boy with not too much baby on baby interaction.  Enter weekly play dates!
  7. Potential babysitting swap dates.  Who knows you might get to know a family well enough to be able to swap babysitting duty for that much needed time away!
  8. You get all kinds of kiddo related ideas.  When I was a teacher I could glean SO much from just wandering around in another teacher’s classroom.  Being in other mom’s homes gives you tons of ideas on toy organization, food ideas, etc. etc. etc.!
  9. Along comes a schedule.  I like to, for the most part plan some activities for the week.  I’m not talking lesson plans here, I’m talking aerobics classes, grocery store trips, play groups, salon adventures, field trips, and library trips.  I heart schedules.
  10. You’re a better mom!  Yes, when mommy is happy and socialized, the house runs better and play time at home is much more fun and healthy for everyone involved.

Do you have any reasons why joining a play group is so beneficial?

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