Relaxing: Before & After

    Stream of Consciousness Sunday….five minutes…no proofing….no re-reading….let’s go.

The prompt today is how do we relax?  That’s kinda comical as a new mom to an almost 6 month old.  RelaxaWHAT???  Here is my little list of how I relaxed before the baby (BB) and how I relaxed after the baby (AB).


  1. Two hour long movie with my husband downstairs in the movie room; grape pop and popcorn in hand.
  2. Leisurely drives to see family listening to our favorite songs and chit chatting.
  3. Hot cocoa in a mug curled up in a blanket on the couch.
  4. Working hard on a project that I consider fun (making cakes, decorating the house, etc.)
  5. Eating dinner after a busy day and decompressing.


  1. Grocery shopping by myself on a Monday morning.
  2. Kickboxing class.
  3. 15 minute showers with the baby monitor in the living room with daddy.
  4. Nursing a calm, quiet, cuddly baby.
  5. Sneaking into to my son’s room while he is sleeping and watching him.

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