Rice & Barley

So who else has felt like they are in a baby puree slump??  I do!  I read recently that babies never get bored of their puree’s because they don’t know all the wonderful food options out there.  It’s the adults that get restless, because they can’t wait to introduce their child to all the exciting foods they know they will love.

I have felt this “slump” lately as we continue to introduce food a few days at a time but sticking with the oldies but goodies (peas, squash, pear, etc.).  In order to give MOM a much needed break I decided to switch up baby boy’s dinner routine.  Usually we use the already prepared baby barley cereal and mix it with a veggie or two.  We tried rice early on but he had a “going” problem, so we have stayed away.  So barley it was…Every. Single. Night.

To add some spice and variety I decided to make my own barley and rice, instead of using the baby boxed versions.  I know…not much of a “WOW!  Way to change up your routine!”, but hey, it’s a little variety.  I think it just feels better to me actually, because for some reason I feel like I am giving him more adult food.  They do have a thicker consistency, which is helping pave the way for using more finger foods.  There is a method to my madness I guess.

Rice & Barley Homemade Baby Food

making rice and barley for baby

  1. Buy the grains.  I bought the instant rice, but may try the uncooked version next time.  I was also only able to find the boxed barley, but I think it is just as good.
  2. Boil it.  Following the directions on the box, boil the rice and/or barley. (I obviously did them separately, but am just combining it for the purposes of the blog).
  3. Puree what is needed.  Instead of using the Baeba Babycook that I usually use to steam and puree, I used my Magic Bullet.  The Babycook has a lot of parts to wash and is well worth it when steaming a veggie or fruit.  But for just pureeing a single serving at a time, I use the Magic Bullet.  Less parts to wash.  I will often thaw a veggie and mix it in with the desired amount or rice or barley and a bit of breast milk or water and puree it all together in the bullet.mixing baby food in the magic bullet
  4. Freeze the rest.  I decided to freeze the grains un-pureed.  I scooped enough for one serving in a small baggie, double bagged it, wrote the name/date, and put it in the freezer (see my safety tips for suggestions on how long food will keep).  I keep a schedule of what I feed baby boy, and in the morning I can see what I haven’t given him for dinner the last couple days.  I then grab a single serving of that food out of the freezer and thaw it in the fridge for the day.freezing rice and barley

Baby boy seems to really like it!  It took a few days for him to get used to the thicker texture, but now he is all good.  I have also started giving him pasta (for a later post) and will usually rotate dinners between rice, barley, and pasta mixed with a veggie.  Keeps it interesting…at least for mommy!

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1 comment to Rice & Barley

  • Anna

    Why go the trouble of making your own cereal if you’re going to use non-organic, GMO, chemical laden products like “meijer brand rice” and “Quaker barley”? Go buy your baby some good, wholesome bulk grains and oats from a co-op or whole foods, and make them nutritious food with love and reason.

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