“Roaring” Good Animal Magnets

One of the most common phrases from my, now 19 month old, is “Roar, neigh, baa!”  (So popular it made my list of P-buddy ism’s)

Yes we are a bit obsessed with animal noises over in these parts.  Not sure where or when it started but we are no strangers to roaring and baa-ing in public places.  I’ll take it any day over P-buddy’s forceful PLEEEEAAASSSSEEE though!

Because we are all about animal noises, for Christmas we bought (I mean Santa bought), our little guy some animal magnets (he knew that P-buddy loved his family magnets already!).  We had just put together a playroom downstairs which included a magnet board (from my wonderful Kindergarten easel that was in storage).  And of course we needed to fill it with something!

Enter the animal magents!

Animal magnets for toddlers

These are one of P-buddy’s most favorite toys (besides books) that he will play with every day.  When we make our way into the play room it is the first thing he goes for.  The roaring and neighing soon begin.

Animal magnets for toddlers

Even though the animal noises can sometimes become a bit forceful and constant, the magnets have really helped P-buddy learn his animals and especially their sounds!

It is safe to say that they are the best Christmas present he received…endless amounts of fun (and roaring). 

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