Sanity for Stay at Home Moms

*Disclaimer: I love my husband, I love my son, I love my house, I love my life.  What you are about to read and witness holds no bearing on how much I love the above people/things. OK…carry on!

I am 8 months into the staying at home mom thing, and Yes I LOVE IT! I don’t know how the working mommy’s do it…I would go nuts and be very overwhelmed!  We are very blessed to be able to have the choice for me to stay home and we don’t take that for granted.  Buuuttttt….there are times when I lose my sanity a bit.  With only one little guy at home, who’s not crawling (-yet…he’s oh so close) I feel that I haven’t hit the whole “stay at home mom loses her mind” phase yet.  I am sure it is coming.

I have leaned a few things over the past year that has helped me feel good about myself and keep my sanity!  Maybe the more experienced mom’s can add a few suggestions also (please…I will need them shortly).

Sanity Tips for Stay at Home Moms

  1. Save up errands.  Some errands are much easier to run without baby in tow, BUT I like to try and save up one errand per day so it makes me get out of the house with the baby.  Gives him something different to look at and gives me a break from entertaining him at home.  BUT maybe not try the hair salon.  Click those words to see why not.
  2. Save up chores.  I know this sounds bad, but I usually save my chores like laundry, dishes, making baby food and cooking for when the little guy is awake.  I can easily do those chores while he is playing on the floor watching me.  Again, it gives me something to do so I am not always just sitting on the floor with him (I do lots of that too!)
  3. Nap time = Mommy time.  Of course there are chores like cleaning the bathroom that I do during nap time, but I will often do things for myself while the little one is sawing logs (read, BLOG, watch tv, organize; you get the idea)
  4. Find a play group.  I am not ashamed that I joined the sorority of play groups…I paid $15 for friends!  I found a local chapter of Mom’s Club Organization and paid my dues.  It’s great getting out once a week and seeing adults!
  5. Visit your parents.  I have been known to make the trip up to Mom and Dad’s house when my hubby is working a long day.  I think they enjoy it also (smile).
  6. Use the day care at the gym.  Baby boy is just now getting used to going there and doesn’t stick his bottom lip out as much as he used to.  I get to burn some energy and he makes new friends (kind of).
  7. Be creative.  Baby toys can get a bit boring after a while.  I get a kick out of making a play time activity for the little guy, even if he is not overly thrilled with it.  I keep trying!  Read about my colorful windows for baby activity here.
  8. Stay in bed.  So kids wake up early right?  Not a new fact for sure.  My son seems to usually wake up about 7:30 but I don’t rush right in.  Granted he is in a crib and can’t get out and come into our room.  As long as he is happy I will doze a little more and get him up around 8:00.  No harm done…just a little more Mommy time in the morning.
  9. Play Bunco.  Seriously, play Bunco.  It’s a fun dice game that is way more hip than your Grandma’s version of Bridge.  It gets me out of the house without the baby once a month and I get all my socialization done in 3 glorious hours.
  10. Start a Blog.  It is the “Mom” thing to do…but I can see why!  I get to use my brain in a creative way (other than distraction techniques during diaper changes), and I kinda feel like I have a mini job at home…win win.

Hey Mommies…working and stay at home…how do you stay sane??


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11 comments to Sanity for Stay at Home Moms

  • Oh my, I can totally relate to these! Even though I work from home I struggle to keep my sanity on my days off. I savor the time in the morning when baby wakes up and I can lay in bed for that extra little bit just listening to her coo and giggle while I doze in and out!

  • Great post! As for us working moms, sometimes I’m not sure how we do it. Part time helps for me!

  • Great tips! I love my hubby, kiddos and home but I think it is very important that we have adult time. I play bunco as well once a month, have lunch group with some friends once a week and go run errands on my home when my husband is home. My kids are a lot older now so getting me time is a bit easier but now we seem a lot more busier as well. I kinda miss those days of sitting on the floor with my son rolling a ball back and forth or stacking blocks – enjoy those times because now I feel like we are constantly running :)

  • My ways are: blogging (and making online friends!), having a girls night with friends every so often, painting or other artistic pursuits, and just doing nothing while listening to music.

  • I’m a working mom of 3 boys and I can say that weekdays are mentally challenging and i am brain-fried at the end of the day but the weekends are physically challenging trying to keep up with the boys and I pass out from exhaustion at night. Blogging is my stress relief and as my blog name suggests my way to appreciate the small victories in my day. I have a moms night off (we try for once a week) when my Superhubby picks up the kids from school, feeds them dinner and watches them at night and I return the favor and he has one night off a week. I adore my kids but I need that time to just relax, not rush home from work and just do whatever it is need or want to do or hanging out with girlfriends! I stopped over from Mel’s Momcomm mash-up and my response is featured there too.

  • These are great tips! I like to take a hot bath at the end of the day to keep my sanity! I am so glad I found your cute blog…stopping by from the May Follower Fest! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow along :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  • I never knew how much a play date would save my sanity. You give some great advice and let me tell you right now to enjoy it because two kids is a whole different ball game! I didn’t realize how “easy” I had it with just one, until the second came:)

    stopping by from the blog party!

  • Oh, I’m with ya on these, esp. #10– I think I’ll try #10 for all the reasons listed + the staying sane factor. =)

    Following ya from the May Day Hop. We’re riding the wave of life, kids and all, at

    Come Join the Ride,

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