Saving Baby’s First Year Cards

Organizing baby stuff 101: Where do I put all the cards people send my baby the first year?  Lovely question, and I have a lovely answer!  But first…some background:

Clutter stresses me out.  I can’t stand things all over the counter, on the floor, etc. etc.  I am a happy lady when things have a place and are IN their place.  I have had to adjust my thinking slightly after having a baby, because, well, their stuff is bound to be all over the place whether I like it or not.  So I try to let things go…that is until the evening.  Before going to bed everything has to find it’s place for the night.  

OK, now that you have a little glimpse into the mind of Sarah…let me show you my latest organizing adventure!  My little guy (who will be 10 months soon!) has received lots of cards in his first year of life, so many so that they won’t all fit in his first year scrapbook.  He got a few “Happy 6 month birthday”, “Baby’s 1st Christmas”, “Baby Boy’s Baptism Day” and many more.  They are so sweet and will tell a wonderful story about his first year of life.  So obviously I couldn’t part with them.

So that baby boy can look at them when he gets older I decided to put them into a 3 ring binder for safekeeping.  The bigger the ring the better!  I don’t think I need to create step by step directions, seeing that it is so easy!  He enjoyed flipping through them the day I made them…so I think it was well worth it!

saving special cards

Gather your materials: cards, binder, 3 hole punch

saving special cards

Punch the holes in the cards and assemble the folder

saving special cards

Let the memories begin!


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