Sensory Bottles for Baby

Whoa!  It’s been a while since I added a play activity on this here little blog, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity.  Baby boy is getting to that age when is is so curious and can’t wait to get his chubby little hands on anything and everything!  He also loves to look around, especially at shiny (like the Christmas lights), bright things that catch his attention.  Check out my post on sensory play ideas here. So I decided to bring those two ideas together and make some sensory bottles.

Baby Sensory Bottles

  1. Save some water/pop bottles (see we’re being green too!)Making sensory bottles for your baby
  2. Wash them out good and make sure to get the outside where that precious little tongue will be all over.
  3. Pick any fun shiny things to put in the bottles.  I chose light weight things so that he could pick up the bottles easily.items to go in sensory bottles
  4. Screw the top back on.sensory bottles
  5. Let your little one go wild!baby playing with sensory bottle

Baby boy really enjoyed playing with these and is getting better at picking them up.  The goodies inside seem to catch his eye.  Whatever keeps them content right?



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