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Sensory Play Ideas

Before I started my stint as a Stay at Home Mom (I capitalize it because, yes, it is a job title!), I was a Kindergarten teacher.  My husband and I are very happy that we made the decision for me to take some time off with our little one.  That being said, I am still an educator no matter where I am.  I can’t help myself sometimes!  So in this post I am going all teacher up in here!

What’s all this sensory play talk?

Children of any age (and actually adults!) learn through their 5 senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing).  If you think about it, from DAY 1 a baby is using their five senses to learn about the world around him.  How else is he going to figure everything out?  It’s the one thing he has going for him.  As parents, if we encourage play through the 5 senses, youngsters will become better at using them to discover and learn.  Who doesn’t want that?  Right?  Giving various items for children to look at, listen to, taste, touch, and smell gives  a more satisfying experience.  Click here for an awesome explanation of why this is so important.  Ideas?  OK!…..

Sensory Play Ideas


  • spices in containers with holes
  • flowers
  • perfumes
  • scent matching cards


  • tasty foods!
  • blindfolded taste testing
  • taste matching




  • crinkle material
  • musical instruments!
  • following a sound around the room (for young babies)
  • singing

Links for sensory play

Check out these links that have great ideas for sensory play.  Play away!

There are sooooo many ideas out there!  Share a few!

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