Serving Up Flat Bread

One of P-buddy’s favorite lunch choices is bread.  Or as he calls it (quite forcefully): “BREEEEEEAAAA”.  There usually is no mistaking what he wants for lunch.  Instead of slapping a plain ol’ piece of bread on his plate I try to spice it up a bit with some flavors, and will often sneak in a few veggies and fruits along with it.  As long as it’s served on BREEEAAAA (bread) it is most likely gobbled up!

We have three breads that we rotate through.  I figure even toddlers need things changed up a bit now and then.  His favorites are:

  • Ancient grains whole wheat bread
  • Whole wheat sandwich thins
  • Flat Out whole wheat bread

Most of P-buddy’s lunches are a combination of veggies, fruits, grains, and dairy.  Usually the grain is served in the form of bread. So you can see why I like to add some flavor to the bread because day in a day out, yep, there is bread on that plate!

Flat bread toppings for toddlers

flat bread toppings

Here are some ideas to get you started when boosting up the bread interest!

  1. Jelly and sunflower butter: found next to the peanut butter)
  2. Ham, mushroom and pizza sauce
  3. Melted cheese over cooked lima beans: sounds weird, but he will eat it!!
  4. Chicken enchilada meat with cheese: it’s like a baby taco!
  5. Shredded lunch meat and cheese: do you see a theme with the cheese?
  6. Jelly, strawberries, and small pieces of granola
  7. Banana slices with sunflower butter
  8. Cream cheese: (a breakfast favorite also!)
  9. Tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese: of course melted!
  10. Cooked spinach, cheese, and mushrooms
  11. Sweet potatoes and brown sugar

This are just a few ideas, but I’m sure with some creativity we could come up with lots of  yummy combinations!

Do you have any scrumptious flat bread recipes?

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2 comments to Serving Up Flat Bread

  • Courtney Tavernit

    We’re in a lunch slump, but I just remembered this post so I’m excited to try flatbread and some of these ingredients. Have you had P try hummus yet? Alex LOVES hummus and also smashed avocado or guacamole.

    • spoonmomma

      Glad you remembered it! P used to Luke hummus on flatbread or crackers, but has been turning away food that he used to love, and hummus is one of them! I have tried it lately as a dip for apple slices, but he would muchh rather have peanut butter! Haha

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