Straw Sippy Cup Love

Ahhh weaning.  How I love and hate you at the same time.  I have exclusively breast fed baby boy from the day he entered the world.  We had a wonderful go at it also.  He nursed like a champ, and if it were up to him, I think he would carry on with the nursing as long as he pleased.

BUT he was getting big and squirmy and violent.  He had a habit of pounding things around him as he was nursing, and it just so happened that my chest was right there in pounding distance!  So I decided to wean.  We started slowly and are now left with just a morning nursing (more on that for another post!).

We tried our original sippy cups that we have been using for water to use for milk at lunch and dinner.  He did OK with it but wasn’t drinking all of the milk that I felt (and DR suggested) he should.  So we tried a straw sippy cup because he is a fan of using a straw for water, or stealing drinks out of our straws.

And ta-da!  The straw sippy cup was a much bigger hit and he went from drinking 2-3 oz of milk at a time to about 5 oz!  This made Mommy happy because I knew he was getting the nutrition that he should be getting!  Woo hoo!

sippy cup with a straw

Big boy using his straw sippy cup!

Granted, with the straw sippy cups they are leak proof when closed, but if they are flung by baby boy (or I should say hurled) with the straw open then they will leak out, but it’s the price we pay I guess.  I normally keep a hand on it while baby boy is drinking to prevent any spillage from happening.

We purchased 4 cups and seem to have to run the dishwasher every other day, so it’s perfect.  Love when I find something that works!!

What sippy cups work best for you?

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3 comments to Straw Sippy Cup Love

  • Great idea! I totally forgot that these existed. My baby chokes on the water she gets from her sippy cups, but loves drinking through straws. Perhaps this could be a great solution.

  • Chetna

    I am EBF my boy .he’s 5 months old.Never introduced the bottle .Can I introduce solids once he completes 6 ? And water can b given by straw cups? Pl advise .

    • spoonmomma

      Yes, I would start with a very small amount of rice cereal to start with mixed with fresh breast milk. I wouldn’t worry about the water until he is closer to 1 year old. Babies that young can have TOO much water which is not good for them. Closer to 1 year little sips here and there at meals are fine (with sippy or straw sippy), but breast fed babies get all the liquids they need from breast milk and foods.

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