Summer Baby Loves

Ok, hot weather…I’ve had enough!  Whew…this is why I don’t live in FL, but for some reason we are still getting the heat wave up here in MI!  I will take a nice cool 80 degrees right about now please.  Baby boy and I have been trying to keep cool during these hot summer days, and I thought I would share a few of my baby summer loves.

It’s a short post today because we are packing and headed to the lake next week!  Apparently I have summer gear on my brain…so here goes!

Summer fun products for baby

  • Baby Pool. The most awesome baby pool ever!  He honestly really likes his pool (remember his first time swimming?), and especially likes climbing in and out of the pool.  The shade canopy is great though, especially since all our trees in our yard are teeny tiny.

  • Bubble Machine. How much fun can bubbles be!  We have been enjoying going down into the cool basement and using our bubble blower.  To be honest, it freaked him out at first!  But after a bit he loved crawling around and popping them.

  • Baby Floater. I can’t wait to use the next product at the lake this week.  Baby boy likes is obsessed with water.  He will love being in his floaty, splishing and splashing.

  • Full Body Bathing Suit. We do not have one of these bathing suits, but I have heard wonderful things about them.  They keep baby’s whole body warm, especially in cool lake waters.

What are you favorite summer time baby products?

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1 comment to Summer Baby Loves

  • These are all great, but I love, love, love our water table too! My sister got this for my son’s 2 yr. old b-day last year and it is a slam dunk hit with any kid who visits here–even up to age 9! My baby girl loves it too and isn’t even 1 yet. Snatch one up at a yard sale or something if you see it.

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