Swaddle Please! – 4 months and up

   The book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp kept saying that after 3-4 months your baby probably won’t need the swaddle.  I DID NOT believe him.  I felt that was the only way that baby boy would sleep and how were we going to explain to his college roommate that he needs to be swaddled at night to sleep???

  Then rolling over happened just before his 5th month birthday.  Along with that comes more control of his arms, so they aren’t always flailing about and grabbing at his face.  They are actually controlled for the most part…weird!  So I tried still swaddling him, but with both arms out so that it was under his armpits.  It took him a few days to get used to it at first, but then voila!  it works.  We opted to keep him swaddled at least on his torso because if he wakes up in the middle of Whis nap he sometimes has a hard time putting himself back to sleep.  Maybe the snugness of the swaddle will still help with that?

  At night he has an easier time putting himself to sleep so we have skipped the swaddle all together and have him in a sleep sack now.  See it here.  He looks so grown up in there…sniff….sniff.   Check out my review on the swaddle blankets here.

How does or did your baby transition between all these sleep aides???

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