Sweet Potatoes

   I remember posting a bit ago how I was shocked that baby boy would be 6 months soon, and here we are creeping up on 7 months.  I have decided that I don’t like that number because it sounds WAY to close to 1 year old (sigh).  I must say that I do like this stage though.  He is so happy, so smiley, and so talkative.  He is unable to sit up on his own yet, but I see it coming very soon…

   As far as food stuff goes we have fed him rice cereal, oatmeal, pureed peas, & pureed squash.  Next on my list is Pureed Sweet Potatoes!  Seriously yummy!  Why don’t I eat them?  Here’s the breakdown…

Making pureed sweet potatoes

  1. Wash the sweet potato off and poke holes in it with a fork.
  2. Wrap it in tin foil and bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour.  
  3. Cut the potato in half and scoop out the meat. Mine took longer than I thought it would to cook all the way through.  After about 1.25 hours, it still wasn’t cooked all the way through so I steamed it in my babycook for a bit longer to finish it off.
  4. Note: When testing to see if it is cooked unwrap it from the foil first to test it.  I did not and poked a fork through the tin foil and when I was pureeing it I found teeny tiny bits of tin foil…I got them all out, but it took some extra time obviously.
  5. Add the run off water from steaming (if you didn’t steam just skip to #6) back into the potatoes and puree it. 
  6. Add a bit of breast milk to the mixture until you get the consistency that you want. 
  7. Spoon it into your freezer tray, and voila!  Pureed Sweet Potatoes!

Remember it is best to pop the freezer cubes out about 24 hours after freezing, and not let them sit in there longer. 

  Baby boy seemed to really like the potatoes.  Click here for my latest feeding schedule.  The only difference is that I have 3 veggies (peas, sweet potatoes, and squash) to rotate through at lunch and dinner.  I am slowly upping the amount of food he eats, but don’t feel in any rush to because he is still nursing 5 times/day and is pretty effective at it!

Happy pureeing!


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  • Hey! Looks like your little guy is already an adventurous eater! I like the changes you’ve made to your layout. I LOVE brown and blue! Keep at it girl – I pinned this one!

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