Swinging into Spring!

That is the cheesiest title of a blog post ever if you ask me! Ha!

So I have witnessed a phenomenon around here lately. Mom’s with toddlers are having a mass exodus into the great outdoors!!!

Sure, all families love when spring is here and the days start warming up enough to go outside and get away from the germs. But mom’s with toddlers? They (we) are a whole different breed when it comes to spring!

This is how I see it. If your child is anywhere between 18 months and 2 years, most likely last spring (one year ago), your child was not walking well, not as mobile, and still took 2 naps/day. Sure going outside was nice, but it usually consisted of sitting on a blanket, going for a stroller walk, or watching the bigger kids play.

But this year???  Our little ones are walking, climbing, sliding, spinning, and running! They have been proficient at these skills, but have been INSIDE (minus the few snow trips outside). Now, we get to take them outside, let them do all those things that they love and that wear them out! AND the best part is that they love it and don’t need to be entertained! P-buddy has been so content to just walk around, pick at the grass, go up and down the steps, push his lawnmower, and giggle!

Toddler swing

One of our new favorite outside toys is his swing! It is a Little Tikes Swing and can take a beating! We just attached it to our existing swing set (that we got free from our neighbors! yay!) and let the swinging begin. He will seriously spend a half hour in this – love it!

I am not being compensated from Little Tikes for this post – I just love the swing!!!

This post does contain affiliate links. 


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