Teething Pacifier

Oh me oh my! Any moms out there can sympathize with teething! Whew…those pearly whites poking through do set your baby in a funk. I find it interesting that the whining can start months before the teeth show! Doesn’t seem fair huh? We have tried a few things like putting a wet washcloth in

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5 Tips for Making Cereal Time Fun (& Successful)

I am a list kind of person. Lists on my phone. Lists on sticky notes. Lists on the computer. Lists in my brain. Everywhere there is a list. Here is a list of tips to make cereal time fun and enjoyable for baby and mommy.

Feed cereal (or other solids) after nursing. If baby

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Swaddle Please! – 4 months and up

The book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp kept saying that after 3-4 months your baby probably won’t need the swaddle. I DID NOT believe him. I felt that was the only way that baby boy would sleep and how were we going to explain to his college roommate that he needs

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Swaddle Please! – 2 months to 4 months

Last time I left you at 2 months when we were swaddling pros and all was going well. Naps were great and he was sleeping 8 hours at night! Then baby boy started becoming more mobile (WHAT? They can move now! yikes) around 3 months. He was starting to turn on his side during

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The in’s and OUT’S of Starting Solid Food

**Beware! Gross content ahead!**

We started rice cereal at 4 months old, but he didn’t really take to it until about 5 months old. We still feed him 2 tablespoons twice daily (once after the 7:30am & the 5:30pm feedings). He is chowing down like a pro. This success comes at a price though….

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