Teething Pacifier

Oh me oh my! Any moms out there can sympathize with teething! Whew…those pearly whites poking through do set your baby in a funk. I find it interesting that the whining can start months before the teeth show! Doesn’t seem fair huh? We have tried a few things like putting a wet washcloth in

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Peas Try # 3 – Got it!

Pureed Peas

Whew…busy weekend! But, now I am back to business…and back to Peas! I tried twice before to make peas. The first time there were too many skins in the puree, the second time I got the skins (or is it shells? whichever…) out but it took forever and a day to do so. So

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Let’s Get Organized


My son will be 6 months this Saturday (eeeek!) and up to this point we have introduced rice cereal, squash, peas, and prune juice (for you know what….). Before I start anything; whether it be feeding my baby, buying a product, or for heavens sake cleaning my floors, I have to research it! You know….by

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Peas Try #2 – Almost There


My first attempt at peas didn’t go too well. Read about it here. But I am not going to give up! I shall not be defeated by the peas! Woah, ok, I’m getting into it too much aren’t I? So try # 2 here we go.

The issue last time was

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Peas Try #1 – Ehhh


Only one more week until my little guy is 6 months old…crazy stuff. The first few months went by really slllloooowwwllllyyyy, but now we have hit warp speed. I am trying, trying, trying, to savor every moment while he is still itty bitty.

Ok, sappy time complete…on to business. We

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Baby boy and I have been trucking along eating rice cereal two times each day. He is 5.5 months and is downing about 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) of rice cereal 2x per day. Click here to read about a few tricks. I didn’t want to increase it too much too soon for fear that

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Play Time Christmas Style

Christmas lights

A few days ago I was growing tired of my our “play’ routine. Same ol’ thing you know? So we got out some socks and threw them around…and…had fun! Today I decided to get out some old Christmas lights. Around Christmas time baby boy was very interested in light displays and would

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Silly Socks


I love playing with my son. Even though he is only 5 months old, I still love playing with him. Any mom though can admit that at this age you kinda run out of stuff to “play”. I can only sing “Row, row, row your boat” or play peek-a-boo, so many times.

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5 Tips for Making Cereal Time Fun (& Successful)

I am a list kind of person. Lists on my phone. Lists on sticky notes. Lists on the computer. Lists in my brain. Everywhere there is a list. Here is a list of tips to make cereal time fun and enjoyable for baby and mommy.

Feed cereal (or other solids) after nursing. If baby

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Stomach Sleeper?

EVERYTHING you read now advises to only have your baby on their back to sleep. I get it. I do it. My son has always been put on his back to sleep. But what about when they move to their stomach on their own?? Just when I thought my worrying as a mother was

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