Making pureed carrots

I think I will have to stop feeding baby boy solids because he is getting HEA-VY! Joking, I wouldn’t do that but my back is saying NO, and my biceps are getting buff! haha. Anyways, our next pureed baby food on the menu is carrots. I already feed him squash, sweet potatoes, and peas,

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Teething Pacifier

Oh me oh my! Any moms out there can sympathize with teething! Whew…those pearly whites poking through do set your baby in a funk. I find it interesting that the whining can start months before the teeth show! Doesn’t seem fair huh? We have tried a few things like putting a wet washcloth in

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Sweet Potatoes

Making pureed sweet potatoes

I remember posting a bit ago how I was shocked that baby boy would be 6 months soon, and here we are creeping up on 7 months. I have decided that I don’t like that number because it sounds WAY to close to 1 year old (sigh). I must say that I do like

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Feeding babies oatmeal

Where has the time gone too? Baby boy is now 6 months old, and is showing us his personality more and more each day. We had to take some time off from introducing new foods because we thought he was having an allergic reaction to something…turns out it was just a runny

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Pudding Bags

pudding bags

In my never ending quest to find new things to “play” with my 6 month old son, I thought I would go the sensory route today. Our last play adventures involved Christmas lights and socks. He is really into reaching for things and touching anything he can now (which makes checking our phone while

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