A Dollar Store Bath

Dollar Store bath toys

I never really knew the gold mine that is the Dollar Tree until my baby turned into a toddler. I make a trip over there about every two weeks and pick up some new play toys for not very much money!

I’m in love with their food storage containers that I have used to store

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Glowing Balloon Bath

Glowing balloon bath

Glow sticks, glow balls, glow balloons, oh my! I have been seeing light up bath time posts plastered all over Pinterest now. In cyber lingo – it’s “trending”! My glow light post was even featured on Growing a Jeweled Rose (the mecca for bath time activities)!

P-buddy has had his share of light up bath

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Winter Foam Bath Fun

Craft foam snowman for the tub!

Bath time is quickly becoming one of baby boy’s favorite times of the day. Actually I should say that any time we play with water he L-O-V-E-S it. Seriously. He stood on a stool for 25 minutes and played in soapy water “washing” the dishes a few days ago. What a good little helper (smile).

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Light Up Bath Time!

glow bath lights

Bath time lately has been one of our favorite times of the day. Baby boy knows that it is bath time when we start saying “bath time” over and over (who wouldn’t know?).

His usual M.O. is to excitedly crawl into the bathroom, mouth open, screaming and squealing. He pulls his little naked body up

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