Mini Announcement


Hi bloggy friends, and YES I do think of my regular readers as my friends because you have stuck by me as I approach 1 year of blogging. Woah!!!

Now, I’m not saying goodbye, but I do have a little announcement. Spoon Fed Baby is going to go on a sabatical if you will. When

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Boo! It’s my SITS Day!


BOO!!! Happy Halloween eve, and happy SITS day to me!!!! I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this day to come, and here it is in all its glory!


In case you are like “what the what?” and wondering what I’m talking about…let me clue you in.

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Top 10: Bloggy To Do’s

As you may have heard I have been on vacation for a week, and am trying to get back into my blog groove (because I am so groovy). The week I was gone I didn’t write any posts but I did a few link ups and read A LOT of other blogs (including the

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