What’s For Breakfast: Toddler Style!

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Is anyone in that toddler food slump lately? I’ve been feeling it big time lately over here! “What’s for breakfast? Anyone? Anyone?”

Lately P-buddy and I have been out and about in the mornings: gym, playgroup (remember my awesome Moms group?), doctors, appointments…massages…spa days…sleeping in – oh wait I think I got off track. Basically

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Veggie Packed Muffins

veggie packed muffins

I promised myself that my next foodie post would be about something other than breakfast foods, and I kinda kept my promise. I have been slinging breakfast recipes at you left and right from my healthy toddler pancakes to my yummy couscous breakfast.

The muffins in today’s recipe I have been using mostly as a

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Couscous is For Breakfast

couscous for toddler breakfast

I absolutely adore this stage in baby boy’s eating adventures. At 14 months he is so willing to try new things (waiting for that to change!), so I can get creative with his meals. He is mostly past the phase where I have to cook something different for him, because he can now usually eat

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Pancakes for Toddlers

healthy pancakes for your toddler

I must admit that when baby boy was 8 months or so I got into a breakfast slump. Oatmeal mixed with applesauce and cinnamon got a bit boring. Not sure if baby boy was bored but I was! We started adding a yogurt/fruit smoothie (kind of like my night time snack!) into the mix…that was

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