10 Toddler Approved Chores

chores for toddlers

Ok, I’m no expert but it seems that toddler are ALWAYS trying to help. Am I right? They want to help vacuum by chasing after the vacuum, help talk on the phone by stealing if from your hands, help type by banging on the keyboard, and help fold laundry by re-folding your shirts.

So why

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Top 10: Things That Need to be Cleaned

Cleaning with a baby

Raise your hand if you’re a Mom. Raise your hand if your little one(s) consumes your time. Raise your hand if you need a cleaning lady. Everyone? MEEEE TOOOO!!! I can keep up with it most of the time though (mostly during nap time), but there are some things that I would love for a

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Baby Kitchen Cleaning Goodies


And I thought we used to run the dishwasher a lot pre-baby! HA! Running the dishwasher, now that baby boy is eating solids, and I am pumping once a day, is an every day kind of thing. The top rack fills up so quickly with his spoons, bowls, and bottles. I try to eat more

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