When My Son Grows Up

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Each week or so I post a “Play Away” entry. You can see them all up there under that tab that says Play Away…nope next one over…yep that’s it! Usually these posts are about something fun and exciting that baby boy and I have been playing with, like noodles or water tubs. This week I

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5 Things I’m Lovin’ in March

March is one of those months that you can start to smell spring. The promise of warm sunny days, walks outside, and flowers blooming is right around the corner. And believe me, this stay at home momma is ready to GET OUTSIDE!! For the time being, here are 5 things that are keeping me sane

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Relaxing: Before & After

Stream of Consciousness Sunday….five minutes…no proofing….no re-reading….let’s go.

The prompt today is how do we relax? That’s kinda comical as a new mom to an almost 6 month old. RelaxaWHAT??? Here is my little list of how I relaxed before the baby (BB) and how I relaxed after the baby (AB).


Two hour

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Donut Days

I am joining a blog carnival today. No clowns at this carnival though, just great minds blogging about what is on those minds. Stream of Consiousness Sunday’s task is to write for 5 minutes with no stopping, no proofing etc. Today’s prompt is how we spent our Sundays growing up. Here goes:

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