How Steak and Shake Saved the Day

date night after kids

Yes, Steak and Shake saved the day! You didn’t know that they served up more than steaks and shakes did you?

So background info would be helpful huh?

A friend of mine, at Bunco (one of my keeping my sanity nights) recently shared with me how her and her hubby set aside a “date night”

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Things I Learned as a New Mom

Meet Stephanie from Slogan Adventures! Can you relate to any of the Mommy lessons she has recently learned??

Being a new mom is tough, you have all these thoughts of the way things are going to go in your head and then when the baby is actually here, you realize some of those views has

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New Year, New Name!


Yes, I know I’m like a month late with the “Happy New Year” jazz, but eh, oh well! From the very beginning of Spoon Fed Baby I have been referring to my son as “baby boy”. Well, because when I started he was just a wee little 5 month old.

Now, he

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I’m Back!

im back

Well, here I am! I took my mini break which ended up being about 1.5 months…more mini then I intended, but it was needed! Baby boy (not so much a baby anymore) made the holiday season so much fun that it was great to set my blog on the back burner and just take it

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Things I’m Thankful For


Busy, busy week full of family and friends. I love it. I love it so much that I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet.

10 Things I am Thankful For My husband. He is so awesome in fact, that I wrote a whole blog post about him. Seriously, I

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Wordless Wednesday: Itty Bitty

baby at 4 weeks old

I am loving this Wordless Wednesday thing! No wonder so many bloggers do it!

I have been blown away lately how big baby boy is getting, now that he is walking, talking, and well, just looking BIG! To remind myself of how far he has come I was looking through some old photos (like his

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Reasons To Join a Playgroup!

finding a playgroup

Right around January of 2012, when baby boy was 5.5 months, it hit me. I was a stay at home mom. It was winter up here in MI, and we all know what happens when the weather dips below 32 degrees: everyone stays inside! Except of course the young, daring, snow bunnies who venture out

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The Obligatory “Look at my Kid’s costume!” Post

peter pan costume

It is amazing when I look at Facebook the night of Halloween and the day after how many pictures there are of kids and their costumes. I love looking at them but then I feel behind because I can’t keep up with all the pictures! Third world problems huh?

Well I thought I would join

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10 Reasons Why I Love Bath Time!

bath time with a toddler

I mentioned recently in a post about glowing bath toys that baby boy loves bath time. It’s an understatement really. Remember I mentioned that he gets so excited he decided to go potty right there on the outside of the tub. We have been keeping the diaper on for that reason until the last minute.

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Wordless Wednesday: Pouring and Dumping

trip to the orchard

I have had a BUSY week, with playgroups, swimming lessons, orchard trips, and other fun toddler-ish things. So I am taking a break from writing and going to go with a Wordless Wednesday post. They are oh so popular in the blogging world, but I have never done one before! So yay here go!


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