My Day in Photos

Breakfast of champions while I wait for baby boy to wake up.

I have seen some posts here and there on some of my fave blogs about “a day in the life”. I always love seeing what other people are up to for the day. Usually it is about the same as my day, so if I ever start to lose my sanity, I can remember that

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Memories Captured: Bright Spot


My little baby, my first born, my lovey dovey boy, is going to be ONE year old in a few short weeks. I type this with tears in my eyes, not because I am sad, but because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I now get what all those other Mom’s have been saying for years

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Movie Quotes From my Husband


I’m taking a break today from being informative and intellectual (because I always am right? haha!), instead how about some random humor ala my husband? He is a movie connoisseur, aficionado or…a movie geek! You should see our movie closet downstairs….

Because he is such a movie buff, he is always spouting off quotes

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Why My Husband is Awesome

list of things my husband does for me

My hubby and I just celebrated our 7th year anniversary early this month. It seems CRAZY to think that we have been married 7 years. You just get into the swing of things and time passes too fast. To get even crazier, we have been together for 10 years…holy moly. A decade??

We knew “of”

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5 Sense Memories

Have you ever been somewhere, minding your own business, and out of no where you smell a faint smell, hear a certain sound, or see something familiar, and BAM you are taken to another place? Something so small can jog a memory and bring it back to life in an instant. This happens

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Sanity for Stay at Home Moms

sanity for stay at home moms

*Disclaimer: I love my husband, I love my son, I love my house, I love my life. What you are about to read and witness holds no bearing on how much I love the above people/things. OK…carry on!

I am 8 months into the staying at home mom thing, and Yes I LOVE IT! I

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Top 10: “Secrets” of a Post Baby Body

post baby body changes

Before I had my son, I heard all the comments from Moms: “You’re body will just never be the same”, “The last 5 pounds are hard to lose” etc. etc. But part of me thought in my head that it won’t apply to me, and for some reason, I will be different. Well, newsflash! They

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Things I Learned at the Salon

Taking a baby to the salon

Never before have I relied on my husband’s work schedule as much as I do now. You know how it is with a baby…that cute dress that’s on sale at the mall 45 min. away has to wait until the hubby is home. The relaxing dinner with friends at the new restaurant has to

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Guest Posting Today!

Whew! This has been an exciting weekend for me and my corner of the blogging world! In case you missed it, on Sunday I was the featured blogger over at More Than Mommies for their first installment of The Sunday Sip. AND today I am doing a guest post about making baby food for my

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The Best Day This Week

Today I am linking up with my friends over at More Than Mommies for their linky party: The Best Day Ever (this week!). When trying to think about what my best day this week was I realized that I don’t remember what happened this week! I claim that my parents who are retired lose track

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