Moments of Bliss

How can I resist this boy?

I took a look at the posts I have been writing lately, and it struck me there are a lot of “how to’s”, “steps to complete this”, “DIY that”. I am quite the orderly lady and those posts really appeal to me; writing them, and especially reading them. But you know what, I am going

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Memories Captured: Bright Spot


My little baby, my first born, my lovey dovey boy, is going to be ONE year old in a few short weeks. I type this with tears in my eyes, not because I am sad, but because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I now get what all those other Mom’s have been saying for years

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Saving Baby’s First Year Cards

saving special cards

Organizing baby stuff 101: Where do I put all the cards people send my baby the first year? Lovely question, and I have a lovely answer! But first…some background:

Clutter stresses me out. I can’t stand things all over the counter, on the floor, etc. etc. I am a happy lady when things have a

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5 Sense Memories

Have you ever been somewhere, minding your own business, and out of no where you smell a faint smell, hear a certain sound, or see something familiar, and BAM you are taken to another place? Something so small can jog a memory and bring it back to life in an instant. This happens

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Month by Month Pictures


Right before we had our baby back in August we got a new fancy dancy SLR camera. The one that makes you feel professional just holding it. We knew that we would be taking lots of picture of our new baby, and um yeah 4,000 pictures later, we were right! We got a shot

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