“Cheese??” Baby Photo Outtakes

Baby Photo Outtakes

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m addicted to taking photos of my baby. Who knew that as a parent you could think that each and every one of the 200 photos snapped in one month to month photo sitting are cute and different than the previous one. “Oh look! Now he’s looking over to

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Wordless Wednesday: Itty Bitty

baby at 4 weeks old

I am loving this Wordless Wednesday thing! No wonder so many bloggers do it!

I have been blown away lately how big baby boy is getting, now that he is walking, talking, and well, just looking BIG! To remind myself of how far he has come I was looking through some old photos (like his

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Month by Month Pictures


Right before we had our baby back in August we got a new fancy dancy SLR camera. The one that makes you feel professional just holding it. We knew that we would be taking lots of picture of our new baby, and um yeah 4,000 pictures later, we were right! We got a shot

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