Wordless Wednesday – Yes You Can!


This week has been all kinds of crazy over here!

Easter and all it’s cuteness and family time was overshadowed by a yucky, yucky, yucky stomach bug that plagued P-buddy for the better part of 4 days. Germs: go away!!!! My parents are coming back from FL (yay!) and we are celebrating hubby’s birthday here

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Must Have “Non-Toys” for Baby

homemade toys for babies

So we have ALL been there right? Your baby gets a nice new shiny *expensive* toy, and yep, they play with the box. Happens more often than not I am guessing!

We just celebrated my son’s 1st birthday, and he was quite enamored with the birthday cards. He would flip them over and over “reading”

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Co-Hosting a Link Up!

Hi bloggy readers! I am very excited today because I get to co-host a link up party with Mar over at Raising Bean! If you haven’t figured it out yet, my blog is pretty much about my life with a baby. I have committed myself to trying new play ideas and activities with baby boy…some

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When My Son Grows Up

activities to do with children

Each week or so I post a “Play Away” entry. You can see them all up there under that tab that says Play Away…nope next one over…yep that’s it! Usually these posts are about something fun and exciting that baby boy and I have been playing with, like noodles or water tubs. This week I

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Water Play for Babies

water play for babies

Not sure if this is normal, but my baby boy LOVES to be naked. He giggles, flails his arms and legs, and goes crazy when we change him or get him ready for a bath. So I thought why not let him play in just his diaper? Enter: water play!

A baby uses

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Colorful Windows

baby playing with tissue paper windows

Ok, so if you have been reading my blog, I have been running the 5 sense play thing into the ground, but I can’t help it because it’s so easy to do with babies. And well, their 5 senses are what they have going for them in the way of learning (smile). Previously we made

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Easter Grass Isn’t Just for Baskets

playing with easter grass

Babies are crazy absorbent sponges. We marvel every day in what our little guy is learning. And it’s all through fun play right now…how much better does it get? I have been trying to appeal to his 5 senses, because, well, that’s mostly what babies have going for them! They learn everything through one of

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Top 10: Play Time With Baby

Playtime ideas for babies under 12 months

Do you ever wonder if babies get bored of all their little toys? Really…we seem to throw the same old toys in front of our little one, and he plays with them like a good little boy, but I wonder if he is swearing at us in his head…”These (fill in the blank) toys again?!?!?”

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Sensory Bottles for Baby

sensory bottles

Whoa! It’s been a while since I added a play activity on this here little blog, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity. Baby boy is getting to that age when is is so curious and can’t wait to get his chubby little hands on anything and everything! He also loves to look

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Spring Inspiration: Easter Sensory Tub

Hi folks! The warm weather outside has me INSPIRED! To do what…not sure yet! Because I am feeling motivated (better take advantage of it while I can) I decided to link up over at Imprintalish for her How Pinteresting Series. Today Kelly from Live.Laugh.Rowe is sharing her Spring Inspiration from Pinterest (where else do women

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