Sensory Play

Sensory Play Ideas

Before I started my stint as a Stay at Home Mom (I capitalize it because, yes, it is a job title!), I was a Kindergarten teacher. My husband and I are very happy that we made the decision for me to take some time off with our little one. That being said, I am

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Pudding Bags

pudding bags

In my never ending quest to find new things to “play” with my 6 month old son, I thought I would go the sensory route today. Our last play adventures involved Christmas lights and socks. He is really into reaching for things and touching anything he can now (which makes checking our phone while

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Orange you Glad?

orange color

Just a random musing this morning… husband and I have discovered that our son really likes the color orange. If he has a bib on that is orange he likes to stare down at it in wonderment and play with it in his fingers a little longer. If I have an orange

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Play Time Christmas Style

Christmas lights

A few days ago I was growing tired of my our “play’ routine. Same ol’ thing you know? So we got out some socks and threw them around…and…had fun! Today I decided to get out some old Christmas lights. Around Christmas time baby boy was very interested in light displays and would

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Silly Socks


I love playing with my son. Even though he is only 5 months old, I still love playing with him. Any mom though can admit that at this age you kinda run out of stuff to “play”. I can only sing “Row, row, row your boat” or play peek-a-boo, so many times.

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