Saving Baby’s First Year Cards

saving special cards

Organizing baby stuff 101: Where do I put all the cards people send my baby the first year? Lovely question, and I have a lovely answer! But first…some background:

Clutter stresses me out. I can’t stand things all over the counter, on the floor, etc. etc. I am a happy lady when things have a

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Ultimate Blog Swap

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Little Orso about capturing your child’s first year of life through photography, and I’m excited to welcome Sherri from Clara’s Closet to Spoon Fed Baby:

With all the busyness that comes with caring for an infant, keeping track of the events

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Baby Scrapbook for the Non-Scrapbooker

baby scrapbook

I’m a sucker for scrapbooks. Looking at them that is, NOT making them. I have made a few in my lifetime though: senior year scrapbook, wedding scrapbook, and a bump book (preggo book). I just can’t get creative enough to sit there and cut out cute designs for hours on end. I usually end up

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