Halloween Sensory Bag

halloween sensory bag

BOO! Oh yes, I’m in the Halloween spirit. This is the time of year that I love to take the decoration out and really get into Halloween-izing the house. All the summer holidays are just no fun to decorate for, so I’m always excited to pull the big orange tub out from the attic and

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Musical Balloon Shakers

musical balloon shakers

Ever since baby boy learned what “shake it” meant, he shakes anything around him with gusto. He picks up that rattle in his chubby little hand and shakes it like there’s no tomorrow. His other free hand joins in the fun, because, well, you can’t just use one hand when you are “shaking it”!


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Cool Whip Sensory Bath

cool whip sensory bath

I am falling in love with the bathtub.

Not for a quick bubble bath escape to save my sanity, or a long awaited hot shower, but more for making baby messes with easy clean up!

Baby boy takes a bath every other day, unless he gets way dirty of course, so on his bath

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Making Mommy September Challenge: DIY Light Box

diy light table

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah. For some reason I have had Paula Deen’s accent in my head. OK, that’s out of my system now.

Welcome back to my Making Mommy Challenge!! This month I decided to get to action and make some of those long lost pins that are growing dust over there on Pinterest. You

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Baby Activity Board

baby activity board

I hope, *really hope* that I will be one of those Mother’s that tries to foster their child’s interests….you know, build on what they like, and incorporate learning into it yackety shmakety.

Baby boy loved him some water bottles so I came up with water sensory bottles. He gets a kick out of ripping things,

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Must Have “Non-Toys” for Baby

homemade toys for babies

So we have ALL been there right? Your baby gets a nice new shiny *expensive* toy, and yep, they play with the box. Happens more often than not I am guessing!

We just celebrated my son’s 1st birthday, and he was quite enamored with the birthday cards. He would flip them over and over “reading”

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Water Sensory Bottles

water sensory bottles for babies

A while back (as in, oh, maybe 5 months??) I made my little guy sensory bottles with random confetti, ribbon, shiny stuff, etc….they were a hit! He loved shaking them and staring at the shiny insides. Lately baby boy has shown an interest in water bottles. When the hubby or I have one in our

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Squishy Texture Bags

texture bag

Well, baby boy is a crawling machine! He has been roaming around since about 9.5 months, but has really taken off after we got back from our recent vacation. It was like a lightbulb went off in his head and he realized “hey, I can crawl into other rooms??” He is very much into exploring

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Noodle Play

sensory play with noodles

Baby boy LOVES to slowly slide his hand across objects…a few popular ones are: his high chair tray, stuffed animals, my shirt, the tile floor, or really anything else that feels good. Because he likes those different textures, I have been trying to find play time sensory activities that would let him explore new textures.

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Water Play for Babies

water play for babies

Not sure if this is normal, but my baby boy LOVES to be naked. He giggles, flails his arms and legs, and goes crazy when we change him or get him ready for a bath. So I thought why not let him play in just his diaper? Enter: water play!

A baby uses

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