Sleep Sack

After my son was weaned off of his swaddle for sleeping we switched him to a sleep sack. Read about that here. It is basically like a sleeveless sleeping bag. It keeps him warm on the chilly winter nights and doesn’t get all bunched up and become a suffocation hazard. We bought two so

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Stomach Sleeper?

EVERYTHING you read now advises to only have your baby on their back to sleep. I get it. I do it. My son has always been put on his back to sleep. But what about when they move to their stomach on their own?? Just when I thought my worrying as a mother was

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Swaddling Blankets

THE BEST INVENTION EVER! We started swaddling our son from day 1 in the hospital. It is supposed to represent the womb in that it is snug and squishy. We continued to swaddle our son for naps, night time, and if he couldn’t calm himself down, until about 4.5 months. Check out my posts

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Swaddle Please! – 4 months and up

The book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp kept saying that after 3-4 months your baby probably won’t need the swaddle. I DID NOT believe him. I felt that was the only way that baby boy would sleep and how were we going to explain to his college roommate that he needs

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Swaddle Please! – 2 months to 4 months

Last time I left you at 2 months when we were swaddling pros and all was going well. Naps were great and he was sleeping 8 hours at night! Then baby boy started becoming more mobile (WHAT? They can move now! yikes) around 3 months. He was starting to turn on his side during

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“Happiest Baby on the Block”

This book was highly referred to me when my husband and I became pregnant from friends and baby classes we took. And now, I also recommend this book to any new parent! It is especially helpful for the first 12 weeks when newborns can be extra fussy. It gives 5 steps that parents can

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