Swaddle VS. No Swaddle

swaddling a baby

Before our little peanut came along, swaddling was a word that probably never passed our lips, BUT after having baby boy, swaddling became one of the most important words spoken those first few months. Swaddling seems like a new thing on the baby scene but in reality many cultures have been swaddling their child for

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Top 10: Swaddle Love


I am just going to come out and say it…here goes…..My Baby is a Good Sleeper. Yikes. I don’t like saying it out loud for fear of jinxing it and he will immediately start to scream and wake early from his nap. I am looking at the monitor. Still sleeping…whew!

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Swaddling Blankets

THE BEST INVENTION EVER! We started swaddling our son from day 1 in the hospital. It is supposed to represent the womb in that it is snug and squishy. We continued to swaddle our son for naps, night time, and if he couldn’t calm himself down, until about 4.5 months. Check out my posts

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Swaddle Please! – 4 months and up

The book “Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp kept saying that after 3-4 months your baby probably won’t need the swaddle. I DID NOT believe him. I felt that was the only way that baby boy would sleep and how were we going to explain to his college roommate that he needs

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Swaddle Please! – 2 months to 4 months

Last time I left you at 2 months when we were swaddling pros and all was going well. Naps were great and he was sleeping 8 hours at night! Then baby boy started becoming more mobile (WHAT? They can move now! yikes) around 3 months. He was starting to turn on his side during

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Swaddle Please! – Birth to 2 months

You know the drill: When you are pregnant you READ, THINK, DO everything baby. After reading “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp, I swore I was going to be a swaddling mommy. And I am.

From birth to 2.5 months this is how it went:

swaddle for every nap (Baby

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