Top 10: Things That Need to be Cleaned

Cleaning with a baby

Raise your hand if you’re a Mom. Raise your hand if your little one(s) consumes your time. Raise your hand if you need a cleaning lady. Everyone? MEEEE TOOOO!!! I can keep up with it most of the time though (mostly during nap time), but there are some things that I would love for a

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Top 10: Hobbies I Wish I Had

Before I had a baby I was obsessed with finding a hobby. I would be watching TV and would see a show, news story, or (who am I kidding), even a commercial and I would spout out the line “I want to do that!” Some of them I took seriously, like learning how to

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Top 10: Homemade Baby Food Safety

Homemade baby food safety tips

Oh my here I go again! My last Lovin’ March post, and randoms post were lists…I can’t stop writing lists!! Oh well…here we go!

I’m a stickler for rules. It takes a lot of convincing for me to break a rule. *Mom, if you are reading this, I have never broken a rule or a

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Top 10: Tips for Using Cloth Diapers

using cloth diapers

In my very first installment of my Versus Series, on this here blog, I put Cloth & Disposable Diapers head to head. They are still duking it out. I listed some pros and cons of each and then give my 2 cents at the end in My Take. And of course because I USE cloth

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Top 10: Bloggy To Do’s

As you may have heard I have been on vacation for a week, and am trying to get back into my blog groove (because I am so groovy). The week I was gone I didn’t write any posts but I did a few link ups and read A LOT of other blogs (including the

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Top 10: Things that Aren’t as Important Anymore

Books say it. Friends say it. Your mother says it. “Everything changes when you have a baby.” Well, guess what? The books, the friends, and, yes, your mother, are right. There are a lot of sacrifices that are made, but in a weird way they aren’t sacrifices that FEEL like sacrifices. Is that

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Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

Every mom’s guilty pleasure is nap time (not our nap time…but babies nap time). By guilty pleasure I mean that we love it, but we always feel slightly guilty that we like it TOO much. At least I feel guilty about that. With all that said I still love nap time!

Top 10

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Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a New Mom

Yes, new mom’s have a LOT to learn. Here are a few things I have been schooled in over the past 5 months of being a mommy.

Don’t wear glasses while feeding cereal to your little one if they have just learned how to blow raspberries. A church is very echo-ee, especially

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