Sink Sensory Play

Sink Sensory Play

I guested a while back at My Rural Mommy with this post…and well….I ran out of time to WRITE today so I’m cheating and using my guest post! Enjoy!

Sigh. We are right in the thick of the “let’s stay inside all day because it’s to darn cold outside” days. Last year it wasn’t too

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Winter Foam Bath Fun

Craft foam snowman for the tub!

Bath time is quickly becoming one of baby boy’s favorite times of the day. Actually I should say that any time we play with water he L-O-V-E-S it. Seriously. He stood on a stool for 25 minutes and played in soapy water “washing” the dishes a few days ago. What a good little helper (smile).

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Water Sensory Bottles

water sensory bottles for babies

A while back (as in, oh, maybe 5 months??) I made my little guy sensory bottles with random confetti, ribbon, shiny stuff, etc….they were a hit! He loved shaking them and staring at the shiny insides. Lately baby boy has shown an interest in water bottles. When the hubby or I have one in our

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