Month by Month Pictures

   Right before we had our baby back in August we got a new fancy dancy SLR camera.  The one that makes you feel professional just holding it.  We knew that we would be taking lots of picture of our new baby, and um yeah 4,000 pictures later, we were right!  We got a shot of him just after birth, his first Christmas, and of course trying squash and carrots for the first time. 

   One thing that I also wanted to do was to take monthly photos of him.  This has also turned into a weekly thing, but I digress.  For the monthly photos I put him in the same outfit (different size, obviously!), same position, and same props.  This way it is fun, and easy to notice the difference between each month.  My plan is, on his 1st birthday to make a collage with all these photos to display (can’t wait!). 

Month by Month Baby Photos

  1. Gather your materials: scissors, scrap book paper, tape, camera, & props.Taking monthly photos of your baby
  2. Print out block numbers using a word program (I use the word art on Microsoft Word).
  3. Place the number on a piece of scrap book paper and cut it out to make a block number in scrap book paper (vary the design each month)
  4. Tape it on a sign that you will use each month.Monthly photos of your baby
  5. Pick a prop that is special to you (I chose owls, because his nursery has some owls in it).
  6. Place the props, sign, and baby in front of a blank canvas (we pull up a white comforter over the headboard on a bed).
  7. Snap a few pictures (or, um, yeah, 100??)

   Because I take so many pictures, I usually select one I like and put it in a file folder on the computer, so then I can click through each month quickly to see his growth and changes (smile).  Looking at all his old photos and videos helps me relax in a weird way….I have also seen some Monthly Stickers you can put on your child’s onsie that has each monthly number.  Very cute too!

  Did you take monthly photos of your child?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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