Teething Pacifier

   Oh me oh my!  Any moms out there can sympathize with teething!  Whew…those pearly whites poking through do set your baby in a funk.  I find it interesting that the whining can start months before the teeth show!  Doesn’t seem fair huh?  We have tried a few things like putting a wet washcloth in the fridge, cooling teething rings, rubbing baby boy’s teeth etc.  All of it seems to work just for a few seconds. 

   However, I DID find something that he seems to really like and he can handle it on his own without us having to hold it in his mouth.  The Razbaby RaZ-berry Teether looks like a pacifier, but is bumpy and raspberry shaped and has a nice ring for little fingers to hold on to for dear life. 

  I know it is working when he is chomping on it because I can hear his little teeth squeaking on the raspberry.  AND this is one toy that he can really grip and chomp on for a good length of time. 

  A little relief for baby and for mommy!

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4 comments to Teething Pacifier

  • Kathy

    That is awesome that you found something that really works well! Jacob used to love chewing on my finger….sounds weird, but it seemed to relieve the pain:)

  • I have seen these and was always skeptical of them. I have tried everything like you and even baby orajel and homeopathic stuff like Camilla. Last night for us wasn’t fun at all. My 9 month olds top teeth are coming in… but I don’t see them! She started teething at one month old and her bottom teeth finally popped out at around 6 months. Good luck with your baby boy!!

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