Squishy Texture Bags

Well, baby boy is a crawling machine!  He has been roaming around since about 9.5 months, but has really taken off after we got back from our recent vacation.  It was like a lightbulb went off in his head and he realized “hey, I can crawl into other rooms??”  He is very much into exploring now, and there is a whole new world of possibilities!  He can pull him self up on to furniture and lower himself down easily.  He’s a rockstar!

Because he is in to exploring every nook and cranny in our house I thought I would try to draw his eye to something in a new way than before.  As I have stated in previous posts, babies are sensory magnets.  Anything that feels cool IS cool.  Our recent sensory project includes aloe vera, foam objects, and blue food coloring!

Squishy Texture Bags for Baby

texture bags for babies

Similar to the pudding bags that baby boy played with back in the day (and by “back in the day”, I mean 5 months ago), I created colored squishy bags that hung on a window to give it that “glow”.  Read on my friend…

  • Assemble your materials: zip lock baggies, aloe vera, blue food coloring, foam objects, & painter’s tape.materials for texture bags
  • Squeeze in the squishy-ness.  You can use aloe vera or I am sure hair gel would get the same effect.  I added more than I thought I would, but it was needed.
  • Add coloring.  I added about two drops of blue food coloring.  You don’t need much at all!baby texture bags
  • Add objects.  I decided to go with an ocean theme and add some foam objects found at Hobby Lobby.texture bags
  • Seal up the bags and tape them up.  I used painter’s tape so that I wouldn’t get a residue on the window, and taped up the four sides.  I had to adjust the level of them a bit so that they would catch baby boy’s eye, and be at the right spot so that he could play with them sitting downtexture bags for babies
  • Let the play begin!  

texture bag

I must say that baby boy explores these now and again, but because he is into crawling SO much he often passes right by them. I think if I would have had them up before he started crawling he would visit them more often.  But I am sure he will re-visit them when he is interested in them!  It’s all about his interests and going from there!

Another fun way to use these bags is to add two different food coloring in and have your child mix the colors together by squeezing and squishing!



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