The in’s and OUT’S of Starting Solid Food

**Beware!  Gross content ahead!**

    We started rice cereal at 4 months old, but he didn’t really take to it until about 5 months old.  We still feed him 2 tablespoons twice daily (once after the 7:30am & the 5:30pm feedings).  He is chowing down like a pro.  This success comes at a price though….

   Breastfed babies have very mild poop (yes, we are going there).  Doesn’t really look like human poop actually.  It’s all yellow and seedy and comes out in small amounts throughout the day.  Well, that has changed slightly since we have started rice cereal.  It is now much more like human poop, just not…how should I say this…in a compact form.  And it only comes out about every 2 days, so there is a butt load of it (pun intended).

   I always laughed at the videos on America’s Funniest Home Videos of the moms and dads gagging at their child’s smelly poop, and whispered under my breath “over-exaggerator”.  After our son was born, I thought to myself “this isn’t THAT bad smelling”.  Rice cereal has changed that.  I have kinda started to gag a little.  NOW I understand! 

   So beware!  The little cute poops are no longer.

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