Things I Learned as a New Mom

Meet Stephanie from Slogan Adventures!  Can you relate to any of the Mommy lessons she has recently learned??

Being a new mom is tough, you have all these thoughts of the way things are going to go in your head and then when the baby is actually here, you realize some of those views has or have to change.

So what did I learn as a new mom? Here are a few of the biggest things for me.

You have be flexible.

We decided to cloth diaper our little one.  The bigger she started to get and the longer she was starting to sleep, she was soaking diapers in the night.  I have still yet to find a cloth diaper that she doesn’t pee through in the night.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!  So to make night time more comfortable for her (she was waking up because she was wet and not having to change outfits and sheets, etc) we decided to put her in a disposable.  It totally goes against everything I wanted!!!  So I decided to try out the Honest Company disposables since they are biodegradable and plant based and they work great!  I’m still looking for a cloth diaper that will not leak from the super soaker of a child I have, but for now this is what works.

You will get a lot of advice from other mothers.

Remember you are the mother and every child is different, therefore do whatever you feel is right.  I had some struggles with the little one and breastfeeding.  She wouldn’t latch on in the hospital, so we used a shield and on top of that we found out she had acid reflux and was on the lower side of gaining weight (decreased supply from shield and the reflux).  So I went to another lactation consultant to get her off the shield and to check my supply.  I worked really hard and I’m really proud to say that she is turning 4 months old this month and I’m still nursing!  I had people telling me to start giving her formula and not being as supportive as I needed.  I don’t think anything is wrong with formula, but I’m stubborn and this is what I wanted to do and  I was making milk, so I knew I could make more and I could work towards getting her to nurse without the shield.  I started going to Le Leche League meetings as well and it was so so so helpful to hear that there are other moms and not even first time moms that have the same struggles.  There were times I didn’t enjoy it and had weeks that were very trying, but I am so proud of myself that I did try my best and we are still trucking along.  I worked so hard at it, that I’m going to have my milk preserved in a bracelet or necklace.  I just recently found out about it and I thought what a cool idea to do for each kid!

With that being said,

Be sure you are giving yourself the credit you deserve.

Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had and it’s so rewarding, if you let it be.  With my struggles breastfeeding, and her acid reflux, I would cry along with her and feel like I was failing as a mom, but you know what, I wasn’t! She was gaining weight and growing, the medicine just needed to kick in and she was healthy otherwise.  I needed to realize that I was doing everything possible to make her feel better.  When she started smiling at me, was the moment that I realized I’m doing everything I could for her.  And it warms my soul when I get up to her in the middle of the night or in the morning and even if she is crying, she recognizes me and smiles at me.

You can’t do it all.

Oh I remember those child free days where I would sit on the couch, thinking to myself, oh I will get that done in a little bit.  Those days are OVER for a while.  Just remember it gets better, suck up your pride and ask for help with the house and your laundry and whatever you need help with.  I usually set one goal for myself because I was getting so overwhelmed.  This week my goal is to get all of my paperwork organized, I do a little bit at a time and hopefully it will be done by the end of the week.  I was stressing and overwhelming myself with this huge list of things to do.

The best advice I did get from a friend of mine that has twins was, being parents is all about survival, you have to do what is best for you and your baby and/or babies. So if you are a new mom that is reading this, pat yourself on the back, you are doing just fine.

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