Colorful Windows

Ok, so if you have been reading my blog, I have been running the 5 sense play thing into the ground, but I can’t help it because it’s so easy to do with babies.  And well, their 5 senses are what they have going for them in the way of learning (smile).  Previously we made some sensory bottles (which he loves, by the way) and played with some Easter grass.  This week we decided (by we, I mostly mean me…haha) to make our windows colorful!

Baby boy really likes to sit by the sliding glass door and peer out, and especially likes to grab the curtain and swing it around like a mad man.  I thought that I would add some color to the window by laminating some tissue paper so when he was looking out he would have something different to look at and to touch.  AND it gives me a reason to use my laminator (best birthday present ever-FYI).baby playing with tissue paper windows

Making colorful windows for baby

  1. Buy some pretty tissue paper (the more colorful the better!)
  2. Cut it down to a rectangle size smaller than a sheet of paper.  I doubled mine over so there were two layers.
  3. Put it in a laminating sheet.
  4. Run it through your most awesome laminator.  Click here to see which one I have….LOVE IT!
  5. Tape it to the sliding glass door, where baby can sit and reach it.
  6. Mix the colors up to give baby something different to look at every so often.

I haven’t tried it but I bet you could put leaves or flat items in between the layers of tissue paper to make a rough texture for baby to feel.  It will take some experimenting!  Most importantly you get to play with your laminator baby!

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