Too Much too Soon??

*sniff* *tear* *sniff*  My baby is growing out of being a baby! 

   OK, well he is only 5 months old and still a baby, but STILL!  He loves his rice cereal and eats it so well that I can foresee a future that won’t involve breastfeeding, and that makes me a little misty. 

   Now that I have my sob story done I will carry on.  My husband and I thought because he was doing so well eating his 2 meals of 2 tablespoons of rice cereal that we would up the amount and add another feeding to the day (3x/day).  Makes sense right?  Thinking that he might get full before the bowl was empty I started to up the amount.  He LOVED it and chowed down even more and even faster!

   I decided to read up on how much solid food 5 month old’s should be eating and from what I was finding that 6-9 month olds should be eating about 9 tablespoons of food spread between 3 meals each day. (Don’t quote me on that though…there are so many sources with so many various opinions!)  So, um, yeah we are there already. 

  Just when baby boy started to do so well, mommy decided to back off just a bit and go back down to 2 tablespoons/twice a day for now until I add another solid food in.  Makes me feel like he will be a baby for just a bit longer. 


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