5 Cloth Diaper Must Have’s

Cloth diapers is all about the cool tools!  Seriously, I love organizing things and I will often take up a hobby/collection, just so that I can organize it!  So of course, I am weak when it comes to cool gadgets and tools.  So how lucky was I when we started cloth diapering that there were some essentials that were fun and handy??

If you are thinking of cloth diapering your child, read my VS. series on the pros and cons of cloth diapering, and my handy dandy tips for cloth diapering (and you will be convinced that it is do-able and EASY!).  I wanted to share with you a few quick tools that make my mommy gig easier during the day.tools for using cloth diapers

5 Must Have’s for Cloth Diapering

  1. Diaper Sprayer: Just because you are having to wash the poo off the diaper, doesn’t mean you have to get your hands yucky!  This diaper sprayer attaches right to your toilet and sprays all the yuckiness into the toilet where it belongs.
  2. Wet Bag: After you spray off the diaper you have to have some place to put it!  Enter, the wet bag.  It keeps all the smells inside and all the wetness from leaking out.  I have two so that when I am washing one, the other one is available.  Great for swimsuits when your diapering days are done!
  3. Tide Detergent:  Depending on what cloth diaper you use, it may matter what detergent you use.  Tide origianl (no bleach, whiteners, etc.) works well for us and keeps the diapers absorbant with out building up and smelling after a while.  This link has a great list of all the detergents and users thoughts about it.
  4. CJ’s BUTTer Cream: Because Desitin and other common diaper creams will cause a build up on the diapers, you will need a special cream for cloth diapers.  I really like CJ’s cream, and honestly baby boy gets very few diaper rashes because of cloth, so one tub lasts us for a loooonnngggg time.
  5. Dryer Balls: I dry my cloth diaper inserts in the dryer and because there aren’t tons in the dryer at one time they kinda bunch all together and don’t flop around the dryer, thus not drying well.  The blue squishy dryer balls solve that problem and cut down on dryer times.  Perfect!

 Are there any fun tools that worked well for your cloth diapering days?

*Note: This post includes some affiliate links.

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