Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

   Every mom’s guilty pleasure is nap time (not our nap time…but babies nap time).  By guilty pleasure I mean that we love it, but we always feel slightly guilty that we like it TOO much.  At least I feel guilty about that.  With all that said I still love nap time! 

Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

  1. Nap – yep, I like to nap during nap time also…I feel it makes me a better mother or something like that.
  2. Clean – not a fave, but we all know it needs to be done.
  3. Blog – I find this is starting to beat out the other items on this list lately.
  4. Shower – when else am I going to do it?
  5. Eat – I like to multitask while eating.  Usually I am blogging while eating.  That explains the small crumbs in my keyboard…..
  6. Cook – the last nap of the day is handy for cooking dinner or cooking babies latest food.
  7. Craft – well this one doesn’t happen too much…maybe I should put it on the list of Top 10 Things I WISH I Did During Nap Time.
  8. Make phone calls – kinda hard to do that when baby boy is up and teething.
  9. Make lists – I need a list for every aspect of my life (hence the Top 10 list)
  10. Sit – yes, sitting is an activity now that I am a mom.  Nap time is the only time that this happens, but I will admit it doesn’t happen very often.  And as the little guy gets older I bet it will happen even less. 

So I think I am going to go and sit right now…after I clean, shower, eat, cook, make a phone call and blog.

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4 comments to Top 10 Things I Do During Nap Time

  • Nap time is definitely a time for momma to relax/nap/just sit too. The sooner a new mom figures that out the better. Somehow you figure out a way to do all that other stuff while the baby is awake, but you never figure out a way to just chill out. My daughter is six years old and I still haven’t figured out a way to just sit on my butt and chill out when she’s around. (But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!)

    • spoonmomma

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am slowly figuring out what chores I can do with him in tow. I save all the laundry for when he is up because he loves to lay on the bed while I fold it! He also enjoys laying on the floor or bouncing in his jumper while I cook. But yes, the sitting around thing usually doesn’t happen for me until about 9pm :)

  • OMGosh… this is my list as well!! I am in the same boat as you!!

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