Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a New Mom

Top Ten {Tuesday}

    Yes, new mom’s have a LOT to learn.  Here are a few things I have been schooled in over the past 5  months of being a mommy.

  1. Don’t wear glasses while feeding cereal to your little one if they have just learned how to blow raspberries.
  2. A church is very echo-ee, especially when everyone is silent. (and your baby is babbling)
  3. A jumper is a God Send.  Especially when you have a lot of cooking to do.
  4. Footed pajamas are the cutest thing ever.
  5. If all else fails: nurse.
  6. Eating at a restaurant (or anywhere for that matter) is no longer relaxing.  Instead it is a timed race to see who can finish first: mom or dad.
  7. Nursing is the only time I can catch up on TV shows or reading.  Pick one. 
  8. The water bill WILL go up after having children.
  9. Spit, snot, and other fluids have never been cuter.
  10. I can love someone so much it makes me misty eyed.

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9 comments to Top 10 Things I Have Learned as a New Mom

  • Kay

    I love it! I totally hear you! There were YEARS when we didn’t even attempt to eat out. It just wasn’t worth wasting the money for one of us to be pacing the parking lot with a baby.

    Can’t say child fluids are cute. They can be quite sticky and very gross 😉

  • I watched every episode of Criminal Minds nursing my newborn. Then wondered if that was the best idea when my husband had to go away for work and I couldn’t go to bed without every light in the house on!
    Cute list, and I couldn’t agree more with number 5.

    • spoonmomma

      Haha, that’s funny. Especially early on when nursing took 40 minutes I could catch up on lots of TV! He is five months now and eats a lot quicker, but I can still get in a few pages of Hunger Games!

  • I loved your list. Especially number 5. I will definitely be visiting your site more often. I bet sometime I’ll be able to write a list just like this one. You sound like such a wonderful mommy.

  • It’s never easy being a new mon but I’m sure you will have it nailed with all the experience you chalk up with your little one. Nursing does help but only till a certain age..after that it’s a battle of wits with the little one.

    • spoonmomma

      I can only imagine what it will be like as he grows up! You think you have one stage figured out and then the next one comes along quickly!

  • ruby

    spot on :) i managed to watch lots of law & order svu while nursing my baby when she was 3 months old. but now she is nearly 9 months already and the nursing takes less than 40 minutes..bummer

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