Top 10: Things That Need to be Cleaned

Raise your hand if you’re a Mom.  Raise your hand if your little one(s) consumes your time.  Raise your hand if you need a cleaning lady.  Everyone?  MEEEE TOOOO!!!  I can keep up with it most of the time though (mostly during nap time), but there are some things that I would love for a cleaning crew to come in and do for me!  It’s the bigger stuff that is harder to get to.  I have dusting, bathrooms, vacuuming, and daily cleaning under control.  Small confession: I could probably get to them if I didn’t blog.  hee hee. Cleaning with a baby

10 Things that Need to be Cleaned

  1. Under the fridge.  I am slightly scared to pull it out and look…maybe if I ignore it the dust bunnies will disappear.
  2. Windows.  Every year, May is my time to clean all the windows outside and inside.  What did you say?  Tuesday is May 1st?  Uh-oh.
  3. Cupboards.  What a job! Taking everything out and putting it back in?  Maybe I could tackle them one shelf at a time, and be done in 5 months.
  4. Cobwebs.  Our basement is finished, but it still gets spiders and lovely cobwebs.
  5. Baseboards.  I actually do dust them on a regular basis!  Yay!  BUT, there are little nicks and dings that need some white paint on them.  Add it to the project list!
  6. The deck.  Nothing a little power-washing won’t fix.
  7. Under the stove.  Remember #1?  Same thing for this one.
  8. Siding.  Big job I know…maybe the power-washer also?  It doesn’t help that our siding is WHITE.
  9. Keyboard.  I eat breakfast at my computer sometimes, and apparently milk splashes, because I see little white dots here and there as I type this…lovely.
  10. Gutters?  Actually I don’t think they need cleaning seeing that we have NO trees around our house that are taller than our house.  So yay!  I guess only 9 things need to be cleaned.

What about you?  Anything that is in serious need of cleaning?

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