Travel Series: Highlights From our Vacation

Yay!!!  I always feel so accomplished when I wrap up a blog series.  Maybe I’m the only one…But anyways, thanks for coming along on the ride with me this week, and I hope you were at least entertained by our attempts at taking our baby boy out and about to see the world…or at least Midwest America.

If you are behind, have no fear!  You can catch up all the previous posts here:

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  4. Car Seat VS. Lap on Plane
  5. Staying in a Hotel
  6. Pinterest-ing Busy Games
  7. Peek Into OUR Vacation

traveling with a baby

To wrap up my series I thought I would share some of the highlights of our most recent vacation.  We visited some friends and attended a couple Detroit Tiger games!  The most important thing we learned on this vacation is a 4-5 hour trip now takes about two days with one night in a hotel.  Welcome friends, to the life with a baby….We had such a great time together though and can’t wait for our next trip!


swimming with a baby

On our list of "what to do at a hotel with a baby"

baby friends

Our attempt at getting a picture of the boys together

porch swing

"Mommy I love swinging on the porch!"


Big alligator and small babies - Cincinnati Zoo

baby at the zoo

"So this is the zoo huh?" - at Chicago Zoo

gorilla at the zoo

I'm a sucker for gorillas

baby at the zoo

Mini Steve Erwin

baby at the zoo

A break from the stroller!

Wrigley Field

Happy boy at Wrigley Field!

wrigley field

There were adults on this vacation also??

Thanks for taking a peek into our vacation!

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