Travel Series: Pinterest Inspired Travel Games

Planes, trains, and automobiles!  Funny movie AND a description of our travels this year so far with baby boy…well…minus the train.  We decided to have no fear and just do it – travel with our little guy that is.  This post is one of my last posts in my Traveling With a Baby Series.  You can check out my other handy dandy posts here:

  1. Series Index
  2. Traveling by Car
  3. Traveling by Plane
  4. Car Seat VS. Lap on Plane
  5. Staying in a Hotel
  6. Pinterest-ing Busy Games
  7. Peek Into OUR Vacation

traveling with a baby

Today my post is going to focus on the older kiddos.  You know the ones that can be occupied by MORE than just a rattle and a silly song.    And where else to go for inspiration other than Pinterest!  I found some great ideas for plane, train, and automobile busy games!  Go forth and be inspired!

travel games for kids

A long list of travel games for kids

travel bag for kids

Travel activity bag for kids

car ride games

Road trip games

road trip games

Awesome magnetic board games

car ride games

Car ride pencil case activities

apps for babies

Top apps for babies/toddlers

Do you have an favorites you want to add?



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