Traveling Series: Staying in a Hotel with a Baby

In my bloggy series about traveling with a baby we have covered getting somewhere by car and plane, but what happens when you get there??  Have no fear…I will fill you in!  (Did you have any doubts?)  To catch up check out all the posts in this series (smile):

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You survived the car trip or plane ride to your destination!  YAY!  Now what?  You mean we have to try and make a hotel room as much like home as possible for our little one?? Hmmmm.  On our last vacation we packed up and drove from hotel/friends houses 4 times (read about my anxieties about traveling).  We got good at it.  Here’s how!

Before your stay

  • Reserve the big room!  I know it probably costs a bit more, but we found that having a bigger room was a life saver.  We asked for a King Study (title probably varies from hotel to hotel), which got us a King size bed and a couch/chair area.  Baby boy’s pack n’ play fit nicely somewhere in the extra 8 feet or so.  That way he wasn’t on top of us when we were all sleeping (we are used to sleeping in separate rooms).
  • Pack a bag essential for the room.  If you are on a long trip, with a short stop on the way in a hotel, pack a carry-on that has enough clothes, toiletries, etc. for one night.  It saves lugging the big suitcase up to the room!
  • Ask for a refrigerator.  Many rooms do not have one, but the desk will bring one to you if you ask ahead of time.

During your stay

  • Ask for more towels.  I don’t know what happened but we were always running out of towels and washcloths.  I guess there was always something wet to dry up!
  • Use a noise machine or phone app.  There are lots of weird noises at hotels, and everyone knows that waking the baby is the last thing you want to do.  I use the relax and sleep app on my cell phone for “white noise”.  That way baby boy won’t hear the hallway noises and my hubby and I tip-toeing around.
  • Hang the do-not-disturb sign.  Don’t forget!  “Maid Service” is not what you want waking up your baby from an important morning nap!
  • Bring a baby monitor.  When you have only one room in a hotel, there isn’t much to do after 8:00 (or whenever baby’s bed time is) except go down to the lobby.  If your monitor’s signal reaches all the way down there, at least you can hang out and talk in a voice other than a whisper.  That leads me to my next bullet:
  • Things to do in the hotel lobby:
    • go swimming
    • play cards
    • guess the life details of other guests
    • watch TV on your tablet
    • fill up on complimentary coffee

As you check out

  • Ask for a late check out.  Many hotels if you ask far enough in advance will give you a check out of 1:00ish.  That was perfect because then baby boy could get a good morning nap in (because he often missed his afternoon nap in the car) and be well rested.  Happy baby = happy parents.

    staying in a hotel with a baby

    Like I said "happy baby = happy parents"

What tips do you have for staying in a hotel with a baby?

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