Turkey Baby Food

I will admit, I was weirded out when I first started giving baby boy meat.  I was so worried about it not being prepared properly, that I just kind of avoided it!  I know that meat is an important source of iron and protein for little ones, so I started out slowly and presented chicken at 9 months.  He loved it!  Because of it’s texture I would usually use the Magic Bullet to grind up the meat before I mixed it with grains and/or veggies.

Ok, on to the next meat then!  Maybe I can handle it after all (smile).

At 11 months we introduced turkey.  I thought that this was a safe choice and an easy one to incorporate into various meals.

Turkey Baby Food

  • Purchase the turkey.  I chose to buy turkey breasts, because they would be easy to cook and chop up into single serving sizes.  They do also make ground turkey that would work for recipes that you are combining it all together (baby meat balls for example)making turkey for baby
  • Cook the meat.  I chose to bake the turkey as it is a cooking method that will keep most of the nutrients in.  I baked it at about 350 degrees until the juices were clear and it was cooked all the way through.  For added safety the internal temperature should be 165 degrees.cooking turkey for baby
  • Freeze the meat.  You can freeze the meat one of two ways:
    • puree large portions (I use my Beaba Babycook for that) and freeze in an ice cube freezer tray.
    • cut into single serving size chunks and double bag in the freezer.  When it is time to serve one you can thaw it in the fridge that day, or microwave.freezing turkey meat for baby food
  • Serve!  Turkey is tasty when served with veggies and a grain.  I usually grind it up a bit before mixing it so that the pieces are easily chewed and swallowed.  You can add a bit of applesauce to make it less dry as well.  Some good combos are:

I hope to conquer hamburger next!!  Wish me luck (smile)

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2 comments to Turkey Baby Food

  • I still haven’t given my baby meat yet. Maybe I should go for it?! She’s had egg yolks but that’s pretty much it. I was thinking to add tofu to her foods to up the protein factor (she loves lentils, beans, etc.) Thanks for the how-to! Love these, Sarah.

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